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"This sculpture, is full of the force of devotion. It “Feels” like  Beloved Adi Da and I’ve never  quite felt that in artwork  before.. This is remarkable! "


William Tsiknas

July 17, 2011  Mountain of Attention Sanctuary

"What a marvelous rendering. So true to Life”



Fithian Jones 

May 19, 2011 Facebook

"Darshan" is right... I allowed myself to fall into merely 'being' with this One, and felt the transmission of His State Take Over the room... Powerful. Thank you for your very Sacred Art.

Sylvie Grondin..

July 5, 2011 Facebook

"It’s the best sculpture of Adi Da I have seen yet..”





James Steinberg  

July 17, 2011 

Mountain of Attention Sanctuary

This is Really Quite amazing to me! You have captured Beloved  Adi Da with an accuracy that invokes immediate relaxation  upon seeing it.  Its an extraordinary work of art.  This has never been accomplished before. This is a  Remarkable Sacred Object.!


William Stranger   

August 14, 2011. Phone message


Thanks for continuing to fine tune this to such a glorious end!




Bill Stalnaker

August 5, 2011. Facebook

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